Quartz Crystal Vacuum System Technology
Quartz Crystal Vacuum System Technology
Quartz Crystal Vacuum System Technology
Quartz Crystal Vacuum System Technology
Quartz Crystal Vacuum System Technology
Quartz Crystal Vacuum System Technology
Quartz Crystal Vacuum System Technology
Quartz Crystal Vacuum System Technology

Quartz Crystal Vacuum System Technology Claimed

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What we have?

Quartz crystal related vacuum equipment is one of the main products of Showa Shinku. The term “quartz” here refers to electronic components such as crystal units, crystal oscillators, SAW filters, and other quartz devices that use quartz, a single-crystal piezoelectric element, as a substrate. Quartz devices have an extremely stable oscillation frequency and are indispensable to all products in our lives. They are used in a wide range of applications, and are used in almost all of the electrical products around us, including smartphones, computers, watches and clocks, automobiles and home video game consoles. Quartz devices, due to their characteristics, require extremely high precision, and Showa Shinku manufactures and sells vacuum equipment suitable for each step of the quartz device production line.

Our products

In-line-type Frequency Adjuster  SFE-X2012

Features 1.Employing In-line type for three rooms Separating the processing room and unloading room, as well as mounting an ion source to H/L process respectively, has enabled the operation to be efficient with idling time minimized. 2.Simultaneous processing of multiple sources SFE-X2012 is equipped with two sets of IGC-201 type 100mm beam ion sources which were installed in SFE-B03. The equipment can process maximum 24 pieces per set and accordingly 48 pieces in total at a time. 3.High accuracy mechanism supporting very small works We have employed the transfer mechanism having high accuracy, high stability and high reproducibility, which were field-proven on SFE-B03. You can mass-produce small-sized works (2.0 × 1.6, 1.6 × 1.2) with stable frequency adjustment, which has been difficult when using the conventional in-line system. 4.Considering maintainability You can dismantle each device unit-by-unit based on the design considering maintainability.

Vacuum Heating and End-Sealing Equipment  SLS-401T

  1. This is a vacuum heating and end sealing system for Au / Sn with SMD type crystal oscillators.
  2. Capable of leak check by CI measurement in Unloading chamber. (option)
  3. Tact time is 0.4 sec/pc or less. * For 768 trays (24 pieces (P4.0mm) × 32 pieces (P4.5mm))
  4. Connectable to a frequency adjusting system. (option)
  5. Capable of high-temperature sealing (450°C). (option)

Load-Lock Sputtering Equipment  SPH-2500-Ⅱ

Features 1.Uniformity: Inside trays ±1.2%, Between trays ±1.5% 2.External: W1200 × D2500 × H1440 mm, Same footprint, Lower height 3.Target-use efficiency largely improved to 44% by improving a cathode. 4.”Rack & Pinion” system enables accurate conveyance. 5.Improved Operability: Troubleshooting menu on a display for an alarm Recipe setting for each tray Up to ten layers of films coated per tray

Ion Beam Frequency Adjust System  SFE-B03-Ⅱ

Features 1.Compact, Highly precise, Low price Cycle Time is less than 0.4 s/pcs. (SMD 3.2 × 2.5, 24 MHz, H1000 ppm/s, L50 ppm/s) 2.New Ion source (Beam width domain: 100mm) is equipped in.From 24 to 32 works can be made at the same time. 3.Micro works (less than 2.0 × 1.6 size) are produced stably by highly precise conveyance mechanism. 4.Automatic calculation mode of load capacity is equipped in. 5.Improved maintenability of ion source and contact mechanism. 6.Adopting two chambers and Load-lock type conveyer system always maintains a vacuum in the working room and the tact time does not depend on vacuum pumping time and vent time. 7.Consecutive operation driving is enabled when connected to optional Loader / Un-loader (include an overdrive function).

Batch type Ion Beam Frequency Adjuster  SFE-6000 Series

  1. The equipment was developed for the purpose of adjusting frequencies of SMD devices such as quartz resonators.
  2. This equipment is to adjust a frequency of a quartz resonator and so on to a given frequency band by measuring the frequency change caused through etching the electrode film of these devices with Ar ion generated by an ion gun.
  3. Any size of SMD quartz resonators (7.0 × 5.0 mm to 1.6 × 1.2mm) can be supported.
  4. The frequency adjustment technologies, which Showa Shinku Co.,Ltd. has cultivated for many years, enable you to adjust frequencies individually. (The frequency can be adjusted element-by-element.)
  5. A wide variety of types are prepared depending on your production volume.Every variation is designed to be space-saving.
  6. The measuring instrument system includes network analyzers and counters.
  7. Since the work pieces and trays are exchangeable without opening the processing room to the air, effective and continuous operation can be performed to lead to maintenance cycle improvement.

In-line type Ion Beam Frequency Adjuster  SFE-X04 Series

  1. The equipment is the in-line type frequency adjuster developed for adjusting the frequencies of SMD devices such as quartz oscillators.
  2. Combination between the loader and un-loader (optional) enables the line structure to be efficient.
  3. The compact equipment adjusts SMD crystal devices of 3.2 × 2.5 or less, easily and reliably.
  4. Etching using an ion gun enables a frequency to be adjusted element-by-element.
  5. The measuring system includes network analyzers and frequency counters.
  6. Two lines of four-stage adjustments (H→M→L→LL) are performed in parallel with four two-beam ion guns mounted. This has realized an accuracy of within ±2 ppm for 1.5 sec/pc.

In-line type Vacuum Annealing Equipment  SAF-12T

  1. This equipment provides heat-treatment mainly to eliminate the internal stress distortion generated during the working of quartz oscillators etc. and to stabilize electrode films.
  2. It consists of three rooms: the loading, processing and cooling rooms. After loading trays, the work is performed fully automatic from annealing to cooling.
  3. Further, the connection between LD and ULD enables the work to be performed on a product line, which contributes to productivity improvement and labor saving.
  4. The cycle time of 18 min/sheet has been realized for a 220 × 140mm tray. [*4]
  5. The full automation of annealing process contributes to the yield improvement.

High Vacuum Annealing Equipment  SAF-52T-Ⅱ

  1. This equipment is developed for performing heat treatment mainly to eliminate internal stress distortion generated during the working of quartz oscillators etc. and to stabilize electrode films.
  2. It can accommodate up to 60 standard trays of 170 × 134 mm with 10 tiers of W460 × D350 × H35 mm heating shelves on the left and right side in total.
  3. It provides you with two processing rooms able to operate independently, contributing to the efficient production and reduction of cycle time.