PTP software for the RX family "pwDadBerry-FRX"

PTP software for the RX family “pwDadBerry-FRX” Claimed

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The RX64M (Renesas Electronics) with IEEE1588 functionality is a device that allows easy daisy-chain wiring. With the RX64M and our PTP software, the RX64M with two ethernet ports can also function as a boundary clock (BC). The RX microcontroller generates synchronous signals at 51.2 KHz, 102.4 KHz, 204.8 KHz, 409.6 KHz, and 819.2 KHz, which are necessary for sensor control, using a PLD.   Implement the PTP software for the RX family to build a variety of sensor networks that take advantage of the RX microcomputer’s daisy-chain configurability.


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