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Plating Technology

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From micro to nano, near-zero failure rate I can electrolytic plating or electroless plating semiconductor wafer UBM fabrication by electroless plating or bump-fabrication of several tens of micrometer by electroplating, on the electrodes (Al or Cu) of of semiconductor wafers


Plating technology for powder-form materials: By a nanometer-scale metal layer plating, additional properties such as conductivity, abrasion resistance , corrosion resistance, and sinterability are added to micrometer-scale powder-form-materials which have one originally.

Electronic Components

We may meet your request for SMDs such as 0603 or 0402 devices by our application performance and achievement.


Cu filling into through-silicon via (TSV) by plating. KIYOKAWA takes TSV plating from seed metal plating to filling with our original technology to meet your requirements.


Mass production technology based on our achievements and know-how in 35 years !! High quality, short lead time, and low cost for your products.

Ceramic substrate Printed-circuit board

Plating on ceramic boards such as LTCC (Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramics) boards or resinous boards for the purpose of solder junction or wire bonding.


Improvement of health-related society through the integration of medical and plating technology