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NC Bender

The NC control system performs 3-dimensional bending.


-It can be used for any shape.

-Capable of continuous multi-point bending

Robot Vendors

The robot arm is equipped with a bending function. All the processes of carrying in, bending, and discharging materials are performed unattended.


-Because it moves and bends by itself, there is less swiveling of the material.

-It is also possible to process pipes with parts that were considered difficult to process with conventional benders.

-Mass production is possible through automation.

Press Bending

This is a press-formed bending process.


-Suitable for large R-bends

-Our molds are made in-house, so our response time is fast.

Terminal processing machine

This is for expanding and contracting pipes.

We have many facilities for this purpose.


-The response time is fast because we use our own molds.

-By machining the ends of the pipes, assembly of parts is no longer necessary, making them lighter and less expensive.


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