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Nested Products

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The cube on the left looks like an ordinary hexahedron.

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What We Have

The cube on the left looks like an ordinary hexahedron. In fact, it was constructed from 9 parts, as shown on the right.

When creating nested products, there will be a gap if the R on the main body doesn’t match the dimentions of the nested R side. Press fitting the sides makes the joint invisible.

What It Brings

They fit together at just 0.5µm. KSK’s technology creates such a seamless boundary clearance that the joints cannot be seen when the pieces are put together.

When using machining or EDM (electric discharge machining), a perfect edge is made on just the inserted side. With such techniques, we are able to offer “reform” remodeling, thereby enabling our customers to reuse the functional parts of their original machinery.

Why Competitive ?

How we stand out against the competition: By using mainly materials such as super-hard alloys, ceramics and steel, which resist abrasion and damage, we can handle a wide variety of precision machinery. Utilizing our abundant experience and wealth of knowledge, we will select the best grinder and machinery in order to offer you stable, high-precision machining to within ±0.5 microns.

KSK’s thorough quality control at every stage of the process ensures that we will deliver our products with solid quality control and strict adherence to delivery times.

Please consult us for parts that other companies can’t handle!

What we can do better and at better value for money:

Although our processing is based on drawings, we also work to create a better shape for our customers using QCD. Another point that distinguishes us from the competition is our assertive attitude towards improving both our level of precision and our delivery times.

How To Be Utilized

Precision cannot be maintained when changes in temperature affect the manufacturing process. From manufacturing to inspection, the work environment at KSK is kept at a temperature of 22±0.3℃, in order to avoid any measurement mistakes in these processes.

In addition to adhesives of various types and sizes, KSK possesses over 2,000 diamond grinding stones. Whether it’s for grooving, knurled molding or profile grinding, we can select the best grinder to do the job. When necessary, we will also process the grinding wheel molding in-house.


From our beginnings in semiconductors and automotives, we have expanded to making precision parts for many other fields, such as digital machinery. KSK’s products have earned high praise from our customers, both within and beyond Japan.