Mirror-Finished Products
Mirror-Finished Products

Mirror-Finished Products Claimed

Our diamond wheels grind to a mirror finish of #1500 and #2500.

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What We Have

Our diamond wheels grind to a mirror finish of #1500 and #2500. This photo shows a sample with hand finishing. Please have a look at the surface roughness and specular condition of each material. One of KSK’s strong points is our ability to create a mirror finish just by grinding. For the desired surface roughness: Masters with a wealth of knowledge and experience carefully select the best grinder for the grinding process. With a polishing LAP machining precision of under 1 micron, it is possible to achieve a surface roughness of 0.1S.

What It Brings

KSK’s strength lies in our recorded technical skills of grinding to a mirror finish. With just the precision of our machinery and management of our environment, we can grind to a mirror finish. In order to achieve this, we keep our manufacturing line and inspection area within ±0.3 of 22 degrees Celsuis all year long. What’s more, KSK’s unique ultra-precision machining process can restore worn out or damaged parts to their original level of precision! Based on our abundant knowledge and experience, we can extend the life of your equipment. We offer technical consultations where you can find out more about our services and quick delivery times! Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Why Competitive ?

Because we can create a mirror finish just by grinding, we are able to produce better items more quickly at lower cost. While our machining is based on drawings, we can also make suggestions from the point of view of QCD (quality, cost and delivery). By improving both our level of precision and our delivery times, we distinguish ourselves from the competition.

How To Be Utilized

Starting with automobiles and semiconductors, we have expanded into making precision parts for machinery in a broad range of fields, such as digital machinery. The precision parts made by KSK have been highly praised by our overseas customers. With greater demand for higher precision, our solid machining quality performance is steadily improving, backed by our commitment to excellence.


With our origins in semiconductors and vehicles, we have expanded to many other fields, such as digital machinery. The precision parts we make for the equipment to manufacture these products have been highly praised by our customers.