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A micro lens array is simply a large number of very small lenses (lenses can be as small as 25 um) combined together in a single optic. Nalux has decades of experience making microlens arrays and Nalux’s customers can expect a great deal of design support and important advice during the design stage.

Our Capabilities for Micro lens array

  • Lens curvatures can be spherical, aspherical, parabolic, or free form.
  • The lens layout can be on a basic orthogonal (x,y) pattern, hexagonal for the closest packing, concentric, spiral, or even completely random.
  • Lens arrays can be composed of as few as two and as many as hundreds of thousands of small diameter・high NA micro lenses.
  • Nalux’s injection-compression molding technolog allows for higher quality and part to part repeatability.
  • Double-sided micro lens arrays are also available.
  • Nalux’s patented random pitch arrays provide greater uniformity of light distribution than constant pitch arrays.


Optical system for optical communications, Head Up Display, Observatory telescope(Subaru Telescope) and illumination lamps etc. Nalux specializes in microlens arrays for optical connectors for Active Optical Cables(AOC) used in large data processing systems.

Our Capabilities for Optical Connector Lenses

Low insertion loss and tight control of the decay rate control. This is achieved by adjusting lens transmissivity by choosing the correct lens materials and by advanced evaporation coating design. Typical tolerances include an array pitch of ±1um, location accuracy ±5μm by its standard and surface accuracy Peak-to-Valley tolerances of 1um or less are available for lens curvature.

Actual achievement

We currently provide optical connector microlens arrays with between 22 and 16 channels which corresponds to SFP+・QSFP of VCSEL or Silicon photonics optical systems.


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