LED and laser ultra-precision equipment

LED and laser ultra-precision equipment Claimed

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ORSA is a range of light sources, from the ultra-low noise, ultra-stable output power required for optical measurement equipment, the single-frequency, single-mode coherent optical fiber source used in optical interferometry, to the easy-to-use, low-cost optical fiber source, the rare orange incoherent fiber laser source, and the and collimators, and various optical fiber optical systems. For more than 30 years we have been manufacturing semiconductor lasers and fiber-optic optical systems to custom specifications according to our customers’ needs, contributing to the field of optical communications and optical measurement.  

Our products


This product has a high performance band-pass filter built into each LD to significantly reduce noise by more than 20dB compared to conventional products. We have developed a single-mode fiber light source for fluorescence microscopy that has an RGB light source with 20 mW output from a polarization-preserving single-mode fiber and significantly reduces noise from the LED emission component of semiconductor lasers in order to observe low-light fluorescence. You can choose from three different wavelength combinations.  

Book Style LD Light Sources

This product is compact, convenient, easy to use, and fun to hold. “This is a uniquely shaped LD light source unit that pursues the The blue case is 405 nm to 470 nm, the green case is 488 nm to 532 nm and the red case is 635 nm to 670 nm. Longer wavelengths can be made in any color you desire.  

Super Stable Laser Light Source

This product is the super stable output fiber light source. The light output is mode-hopping-free, so the output is ultra-stable. The pulsed light output is a square wave almost identical to the input electrical signal. CW and pulse output can be switched between CW and pulse.  


This product is capable of producing more than 100mW of low interference laser output from a 7μm core. Furthermore, when input to a φ4μm single-mode fiber, the output power is 40mW.  

Non-Coherent ORANGE Laser from φ4μm Single-Mode-Fiber

This product is created by combining two waves of low interference FiberLaser 605nm and 610nm to create an orange incoherent laser. It is also possible to combine the 615nm to create a 3-wave synthesis.  

Blue LD 445nm high power fiber light source

This product produces 900 mW of blue light from a newly developed φ7μm core diameter high aperture angle fiber. It is possible to narrow down the 900 mW output to 7μm diameter with a lens system. Applications for this product include thin wire fusion, thin film and paint surface cutting, film cutting, and light source for pumping.   We also manufacture a variety of other products upon request.


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