Lamination process
Lamination process
Lamination process
Lamination process
Lamination process

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We have more than 20 years of experience in cutting and bonding processes.

The bonding process “bonding” is a method of assembling parts into a final shape by bonding them together using solvents or other means.

This process is commonly used for ABS resin, for example.


This process has advantages and disadvantages compared to the monolithic cutting process, so one process is not necessarily better than the other.

We will listen to the customer’s priorities and propose the best manufacturing method.


Features of the  Kodensha’s laminated processing

  • With adhesive lamination, some people think that “the dimensions won’t come out”, but that’s simply because they don’t have the skill. The “strength” and “precision” of our products are At Kodensha, we have accumulated the know-how to maintain “strength” and “precision” through many years of experience.
  • In addition to gluing, we’re good at assembling with screws and pins as well!
  • The 3D solid CAD system divides the model into sections, so both individual parts and overall dimensions can be managed with high accuracy. I can make it work! (Don’t worry, we’ll divide up the prototypes as we consider how they will be used.
  • We’ll prioritize your prototypes and make processing suggestions, including costs!