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We have been offering innovative flapping type car stoppers for years. Now, in addition to these “hardware” equipment, we are introducing a software service for self-service car parking control system, which is a parking lot remote control system named “iPark’n Concier”. With “iPark’n Concier”, we can promptly have the data of parking lots including the data of sales, space vacancies, and troubles to provide customers with services and solutions.
What is “iPark’n Concier”?
This system supports parking lot management by enabling us to check the parking equipment and other data remotely. It helps improve profitability and prevent illegal parking.

Notification e-mail

When receipt paper runs out, changes are used up, or a car leaves without paying, e-mails are automatically sent to a serviceman of the area. These trouble notification e-mails speed the problem-solving and maintenance service.

Big Data of sales and parking space vacancies

With the database that can handle big data, various analyses such as sales trend can be checked easily. This Web-based software allows us to monitor the real-time state of the parking spaces and sales on web browsers.

Monthly sales ranking display function

Monthly sales shown in rank order instantly tells us which parking lots need measures to be taken.

Parking in & out, illegal parking

History of each parking space in every parking lot can be checked. So, we can know suspicious histories such as pay machine troubles or long term parking. We can configure to have reports by e-mail in the event of abnormal conditions.

Information control of pay machines and flapping car stoppers

We can monitor the conditions of equipment in operation at sites by checking real-time data of parking space status, of pay machines, and histories.


We can set alert notification for lowering sales, unachieved sales, or a car leaving without paying. Alerts can be checked by a list or at home page. We can quickly identify the parking lots that need some measures against dropping sales or illegal parking.

Countermeasures and the effects

After taking measures such as parking rate revision or changes of parking space number, we can see the effectiveness by comparing the sales data of before and after taking the measures.

Development to the P-ETA system

Because iPark’n Concier” shows us occupancy rate of each parking space or each time slot at a glance, we can easily identify the causes of low occupancy rates. This led us to develop P-ETA system to design user-friendly effective parking lots. The data of iPark’n Concier” can be utilized in many ways.