Free-form surface lens fθ lens

Free-form surface lens fθ lens Claimed

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An fθ Lens is a lens which focuses to an image plane where the image height is defined as the focal length “f” muliplied by the scanning beam incidence angle “θ”. Our fθ lenses are widely used in many devices such as a laser printers and digital copy machines.

Our Capabilities

We satisfy customer requirements by integrating optical design, part design, advanced mold design using mold flow simulation programs, and sophisticated process control and inspection technology. Our advanced design analysis utilizes Nalux’s proprietary simulation software which reduces lens distortion and predicts changes in optical properties due to moisture absorption. Optical performance is guaranteed by using in-house developed inspection equipment to provide rapid feedback of in process inspection data.


Laser printer, copy-machine and color laser

Tooling accuracy

Main scanning direction: Approximately 0.5um with 5mm width. (Optical performance as standard) The surface accuracy is sub-micron level. For example, lens areas of 5mm diameter, and laser transmission areas for f-theta lenses.


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