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Free form mirrors normally are symmetrical relative to the optical axis but Nalux has the capability to take the design a step further if necessary and could even make the mirror completely asymmetrical such as a saddle shape.

Our Capabilities

  • Because we have the capability to make free form mirrors, Nalux can even reduce the number of mirrors or other optics in a system because color correction or other correcting optics aren’t needed due to the mirror’s more advanced shape.
  • Nalux has patented measurment methods that allow for the accurate measurement of a free form mirror.
  • Free form mirror surface accuracy can be sub micron and the reflectance is 95% when using Nalux’s highly reflective aluminum coating which doesn’t deteriorate at high temperature and high humidity testing(the temperature: 65℃, the humidity: 90%).


Combiner for Head Up Display Mirror for relaying a submarine optical cable Motion sensor mirror for security applications


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