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Internal production of resin mold for outer end

The efficiency of design and processing has been achieved by standardizing the mold and using a nested structure for the molding part only. This system can be used for in-house plastic molds with a capacity of 10 to 100 tons. Characteristics: -Quick delivery by simple design -Cost reduction

Resin molding

We have 10-, 50- and 100-ton molding machines. The materials used are PP, PA, PE, PVC, etc. Insert molding is also possible. We manufacture insert-molded products using our own unique manufacturing methods. Characteristics: -Improved pull-out strength in insert molding

In-house technology for jigs and molds

With the motto “We design and manufacture the tools we use ourselves,” we manufacture easy-to-use tools in a short period of time. We make use of NC work equipment such as machining centers, EDMs, wire cutters, and NC lathes. Characteristics: -The voice of the field can be directly reflected in the specifications -Easy to use -High accuracy and low cost -Accumulation of technology and know-how by designing and manufacturing in-house -Wide variety of NC processing machines Benefits: -Reduction of jig and mold costs -Manufacture of jig molds in a short period of time -Improving internal technology