Cold Roll Forming Machine BURS21
Cold Roll Forming Machine BURS21
Cold Roll Forming Machine BURS21
Cold Roll Forming Machine BURS21
Cold Roll Forming Machine BURS21

Cold Roll Forming Machine BURS21 Claimed

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Forming conditions can be stored into database. Adjustment can be completed by touch-panel operation. The image detection system realized online monitoring and automatic correction. The interactive remote maintenance system, also applicable to existing forming machines, enables faster response to unexpected troubles. BURS21 pushes roll forming evolution into next generation.

User-friendly design

Easy touch-panel operation reduces the workload of operators. Operability is largely improved. The forming unit of BURS21 recasts the old-fashioned image of roll forming machines with its innovative design that gives us future image. The stream-lined design improves the working environment in plants. BURS21 is a new forming machine easily operated by any operators regardless of age, experience, and gender.   The polycarbonate plate cover with large R emphasizes the workplace beautification and safe environment. The height of the machine is lower than people’s chest to reduce the oppressive feeling and enhance operability.

Forming conditions can be stored

Clearances between upper and lower shafts, adjustment of turk’s head stand, and other forming conditions can be stored. The best condition depending on strip thickness and type stored in advance can be called up only by simple touch-panel operation.

To minimize the downtime of your line

The interactive remote maintenance system can find causes of electrical problems, fix the failure, and complete maintenance work remotely through telephone, LAN, and other communication lines. Downtime for electrical problems shall be minimized as the system finds causes quickly and operators in user plant, even inexperienced, can have accurate instructions to recover.

Online detection system is realized

Algorithmic automatic correction is realized by introducing the high-speed vision system, with which the dynamic deformation amount during forming process is determined in a flash. The system feeds back the information to the forming line to make corrections automatically. High-speed continuous Operation is realized by this online detection system that ensures high quality and high throughput at the same time.